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Going through the motions…

“Receive and experience the amazing grace of the Master, Jesus Christ, deep, deep within yourselves.” Philippians 4:23 (The Message)

It is sometimes so so so easy  to go through the motions as a Christian. It comes so naturally to raise your hands at certain points of the song in worship (note to self, it’s usually at the loudest part of the song when everyone’s nice and pumped up). And when a friend comes to you for advice, when someone needs a strong shoulder to cry on, the right words just come automatically as if memorised. Without realising it we can lose what it means to really worship and we can forego the challenge of tapping deep into the gift of wisdom that God has for us, and start saying what we’ve had said to us and what’s been repeated time and again. Now I am in no way saying that those are the wrong things to say, or that it is ‘fake worshipping’ to raise your hands at certain parts of certain songs, but there comes a point where sometimes we need to be asking ourselves “Is this genuine awe at what God’s done for me, or am I just ‘worshipping’ in public because it would be strange not to?”. Sometimes if you’ve grown up in a Christian home, or have been a Christian for a while this can totally be the case. Do you know what you’re singing? More importantly, do you mean what you’re singing?  When you give a friend some advice or comfort, are your words coming from the heart? Are you asking God for guidance and wisdom for what to say? This is important to think about.  Not because we want to better ourselves, but because Jesus alone deserves the highest honour, glory and praise. It’s sometimes good to sit back and focus for a moment on the lyrics that we’re singing in church that we might be able to praise and love and be in awe of Him more and more. This is something I’ve felt challenged on recently. When next I’m worshipping I’m going to try focus on what we’re singing and why we’re singing those particular words. When next a friend needs some advice or words of comfort, I’m going to try and take a step back for a second and ask God to give me His words, the right words, to speak into the situation. I encourage you to try and do the same. It’s harder than you think, but God’s got your back ;).


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  1. Superb advice to help us stay focussed on God. We can all get distracted, expecting something to happen in front of us (on the stage) instead of inside us. Great post Amy! Love you forever! x

  2. Tres Insightful.. been feeling the exact same thing for the past few months, we can so easy just be singing the words like mindless drones, and lose the real meaning of the words.

  3. Wow! I wish my first day’s blogging had been even half as insightful as this, Ami!


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