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A big fat slice of humble pie

Oh man is it hard to stay humble. I will readily admit that this is something I find difficult. And I think it’s something that many other people struggle with too. Let’s be honest, when you’ve worked hard on something it feels great to get a bit of praise and appreciation, especially when it’s from someone you look up to. But you have to look at where your heart is in all of this. Who’s approval are you seeking? If it’s the approval of others then yeah, it’s flippin’ hard to stay humble! If it’s wholeheartedly God’s approval, then surely it should be easy to remain humble; when you see what you’ve done compared to what Jesus has done. However, because none of us can say truthfully that we are completely and utterly only seeking the approval of God and not of man, humility is a constant battle for all of us. But this actually serves a good purpose as I find it makes me even more aware and in awe of Jesus’ humility. I mean, Jesus has loads of followers, he’s the son of God for goodness’ sake! Yet when he was on earth, he was known for his humility (among other things). It was one of the things that made him stick out from the others. The other religious leaders were extremely proud and didn’t ever do anything even remotely close to what Jesus did! I see this as a challenge to all of us, as yet another wonderful attribute of Jesus’ that we can’t help but long to copy. I believe that when we are being humble in our hearts and outwardly, more room is left for God to be glorified – and what better thing is there than that?


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  1. Jo Loizides

    Great, Amy. You are really writing about great topics. You write so well. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Humility is a word, or maybe a concept, that has been inescapable for me for a while now.

    It’s simply an essential attribute for a healthy Christian community. Both for individuals to have their pride broken and for communities to have a sense of corporate humility – we’re not doing this because we’re special but it’s because Christ sustains us.

    I like your words. It really is a constant battle! But I found it was helpful in the Screwtape Letters (CS Lewis) that the demons found it devestating when the Christian conceded to just laugh at his struggle with humility and just accept the grace of Jesus.

  3. loved it… cant wait for the next one


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