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Things that are hidden

“…In things that are seen and things that are hidden, I’ll seek to delight Your heart oh God…”

This is a line from one of my favourite worship songs at the moment, ‘This is my worship’. It really struck me recently that we can so easily focus only on things that are done in front of people, and forget about who’s approval we are supposed to be seeking. This led me to think about how important it is to be able to take real joy from serving God in the unseen as well as in what is out in the open.  Secret acts of worship, which literally no one but God sees. It strips it all down to the bare minimum; no one’s watching, you’re not going to get any recognition or credit for it, yet God sees. God sees and He delights in it, because it is so blatantly only for Him and His glory. Whether it’s anonymously blessing someone (financially or otherwise) or spending quality time with God in the quiet of your own room, God loves it. Our hearts need to be in a place where it’s no longer about us and our need for affirmation and praise, but where it is all about Him, and giving Him glory. When we are serving or worshipping in church it is so easy to get distracted and feel self-conscious about what we’re doing, which immediately places the focus on ourselves rather than God. When we’re serving and worshipping in the quiet of our hearts where no one else can see, it allows more room for our focus and praise to be on God alone. The ultimate approval we should be sticking our necks out to get is God’s and God’s only. Everyone struggles with this and some ways to keep oursleves in check are to seek opportunities to serve God in areas that are not out in the open, to bless people anonymously, to make certain decisions in the quiet of our hearts, rather than tell everyone about it. There is definitely  a time to make certain situations public, and there are definitely areas of serving that can’t be hidden or secret from most people, but there is also a time to seek God’s approval and His approval only by delighting Him in the hidden, as well as in the seen.


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  1. We sang that a few times at church here, and immediately I went home and bought the CD. That song is so challenging/encouraging/exhorting for me and I especially love that line as well–thanks for sharing!


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