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“Elijah prayed for rain”

I was so encouraged by the preach that Terry Virgo did this past Sunday at the church that I go to in Brighton – CCK. It was extremely challenging and has really been preying on my mind ever since. It was the eighth part in his Elijah series that he has been preaching for a while now at our church. Terry draws on the way that Elijah prays and challenges us to take some pointers from him. Terry chats us through how Elijah…  

1. Withdraws from the crowd – see Matthew 6:6 for Jesus’ advice on this too! Do you have a secret place with your Father?

2. Prays according to God’s promises – Terry says that prayer is ‘a vital requisite for God to move’ and it’s as though God’s promises are waiting for prayer for fulfillment!

3. Prays fervently – We need to ‘pray ourselves into prayer’. I love that Terry says that even when we’re not that into it at first, if we pray in the Spirit we get the energy and fervency to pray. There is actually power in prayer.

4. Prays with importunity – Don’t see delay as a sign that your prayer isn’t gonna be answered, keep at it until something happens! (By the way, ‘importunity’ basically means persistence – don’t worry, I had to look it up too!)

If you want to hear this sermon (it’s sermon number 8) and others from Terry’s Elijah series, click on this link! I would strongly encourage you to listen to this as it’s relevant for each and every one of us. Everyone I’ve heard talking about it since Sunday, from church elders to new Christians, was challenged by it!


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