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Get off the fence!

In a big and ever-growing church I’ve recently been able to observe how easy it is to sit back and just attend on a Sunday morning or evening. It is so easy to let other people do the work. I guess from afar it can seem like church runs like clockwork and doesn’t need extra help, or from afar it’s easy to pick out the problems without doing anything about them. However, often what is not realised is that the church runs like clockwork largely due to it’s people serving and offering their time, or that certain problems can be caused by a lack of servers and solved by more people volunteering their services. In a church like CCK (the one that I go to), the fact that we employ a few people to ensure that Sundays run smoothly can seem like the perfect opportunity to turn up to the meeting and simply be ministered to. However as good as that is, God has called us to serve and support our local church. Jesus was huge on serving, let’s be more like Him. Jesus says in Matthew 20:28: “…even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and give His life as a ransom for many .”  Jesus has given His life for us, we need to rise to His calling and serve His church. This in no way means that we have to be giving a whole day a week to it, or even a few hours a week. God knows and appreciates how busy life can be which is why there are other serving opportunities – ones that only take up one Sunday morning or evening every few weeks for example, being part of a rota. I think that we should be throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into building up our local church, regardless of how much of our time and energy we would need to give or how scary it may seem – no sacrifice is big enough to repay Jesus for what He did on the cross. We ought to be challenged by this – it’s surprising how much we can learn by throwing ourselves in the deep end for God.


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  1. Fantastic post Ami, agree whole heartedly! Too often the church is served by 20% of the membership while the other 80% consume what is provided.

    We need to serve the church as Christ served it, just as we need to serve the community we live in as Christ served the community around Him.

    On completely different tack anychance you can stop using centred text made my brain ache!

  2. As requested…I was getting bored of the centred text anyway. thanks for the comment!


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