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Look at Him

Sometimes it’s easier to look to people than it is to look to Jesus. Think about it – if you go to a great church there are most probably good, godly and wise leaders everywhere! And all too often we get a little bit caught up in them. Whether it’s caught up with their excellent teaching and knowledge of the Word or with the minor ‘celebrity’ factor of speaking to the guy who was just on stage (!), our natural tendency is to want to place them on a pedestal. Please don’t get me wrong – it is fantastic to honour our leaders, to learn from them and benefit from the gifts that God has given them, but how high are we actually placing them? Because of the culture our generation has adopted, we naturally want to admire people we see up front and we sometimes subconsciously fling them into a place that they shouldn’t be, a place they shouldn’t want to be either. We need to watch ourselves on this! It is my hope that your church leaders do not preach the gospel for their own personal gain but rather for the advance of God’s kingdom, giving Him the glory. One of the dangers of placing someone apart from God in a higher position is that that person cannot and will not be able to grant our ultimate heart’s desire. That person is not and never will be our Saviour. Placing people on pedestals higher than God will leave us disappointed and unfulfilled, feeling far from God and despondent. Yes, going to church means being part of a community, learning and drawing from its leaders but let’s not lose the bigger picture! The Bible says that we the church must shine as HIS bride – we need to be spreading the gospel  rather than getting distracted by the people leading us to do so. As explained in my last post on idolatry , I want to reiterate that Jesus is the only One with the right to be at the centre of our lives. It’s great to respect and honour our leaders, but we need to keep reminding ourselves of the leader, the ultimate Alpha and Omega who ALONE can rescue and save.


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