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Where when how why could I should I would I?

I’m finding recently that when growing up one has alot of decisions to make. Whether it be decisions I’ve already made that are affecting ones I make now or brand new things that I’ve never had to think about before, I’m feeling pretty swamped! This got me thinking about how all too often people tend to wait around for a dramatic sign from God telling them to do something specific and they usually end up rather complacent and dissatisfied in life. It is my thinking that yes, God is sovereign and His plan is perfect, but we have decisions we can make within that. God has blessed us with something called free will, enabling us to be people in our own rights and not robots in some little game called ‘Life’. While it is a good thing to seek God’s will and answer specific callings, how do we go about making decisions that we haven’t felt spoken to about by God, and that we have no internal ‘tug’ about? Do we wait around silently willing someone to prophecy the answer over us, or do we have many a sleepless night fretting over the fact that we can’t make that decision because God hasn’t spoken to us? I vote no! God blatantly calls us to be proactive in our faith, stepping out when the right path isn’t always clear cut and obvious. A good friend of mine recently reminded me  of the story of Paul in the Bible on his way to Macedonia. In Acts 16:6 it says that Paul, on his travels, was ‘forbidden by the Spirit to go to Asia’. So Paul tried to go to Bithynia instead, but the Holy Spirit said no again. So he went to Troas and slept. While he was sleeping he got the direction he needed through a dream from God telling him to go to Macedonia. Now you might say that is a pretty dramatic example but my point is, Paul kept walking. He was faithful to God and didn’t sit back waiting for something to happen. He was proactive and in that we see again that God never leaves us nor does He forsake us. Yes, we might be going in the wrong direction initially but God doesn’t allow us to go too far, according to His will. God lets us know in good time when we’re going wrong whether it’s by directly speaking to us through His Spirit or just closing the appropriate doors. If we make sure our hearts are in the right place – wanting to glorify Him no matter what and being active in making decisions, God reveals the correct paths when the time is right. “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9). We should be planning and praying and making decisions, bearing in mind that ultimately it is God who establishes our steps. I want us all to feel challenged to stop fretting about which path to choose and about not having clear direction, but to ‘step out of the boat’ in faith that God will not let us drown.


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  1. Absolutely great post Aims. Your insights are excellent and will bless the folk who read it. Good job my love.


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