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5 things I’m grateful for this week

– The faithfulness of God – He never leaves me hanging! And thankfully He doesn’t get sick of my surprise and of me thanking Him all the time either!

– I get to see my Daddy this week for an unexpected evening and afternoon. We’re gonna go over some blog stuff too so who knows, you might even get a father/daughter collaboration post soon!

– Good music and Spotify: I SO love discovering new artists and introducing others to them too. It’s fab. Thank you Lord for giving people gifts of creativity!

– That my inspiration comes from God always (either directly or indirectly) and that I’m constantly challenged to keep my heart in the right place to continue blogging.

– I’m grateful for sentences or interjections that start with the words “But God…”. It could almost be a sentence by itself. “This bad thing happened today, but God….”. Love it.


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