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Newspring Leadership Conference 2010 Part 7: Andy Stanley

This is the last post in this ‘series’. To see the introduction click here

Speaker 7: Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley is the pastor of North Point Community Church in Georgia. He always speaks with wisdom from epxerience and is so solid in backing up what he says with scripture. Andy spoke on 4 Gravitational Pulls To Resist as church leaders.


4 Committments to make:

  1. To be more concerned with who we’re reaching than who we’re keeping
  2. To always err on the side of grace
  3. To remain focussed on our unique calling
  4. To remain open-handed – preserve vs. advance

“Big church is nothing, growing church is everything.”

“Jesus liked people who were nothing like Him – we need to be culturally relevant.”

“Don’t lose grace in your effort to sort things out and make them simple.”

“Let nothing get in the way and redefine the vision – be authoritative about it.” 

Be excellent stewards of the church God has given you.


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  1. Those are great words of wisdom from Andy Stanley. I have family who go to North Point and when ever I visit them I go to church with them. The services at North Point are unreal; I can’t believe all of the church video equipment they incorporate into services. I really enjoy listening to Andy’s sermons, he has a lot of insight to share with us all.


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