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Fear vs. God

To fear is to eliminate God from the equation. Now I’m not saying that God isn’t always with us, but sometimes we take Him out of our situation, whether we mean to or not. I have had some fear and anxiety problems over the years and I experienced a taste of that again recently. I was driving down the road one night and as fear tried to grip its ugly claw around my heart I thought, “Where is God in my fear?” “Where is He?”. It’s more of a rhetorical question as I knew, obviously, that He had never left my side but by allowing myself to fear I had eliminated God, His promises, and His power over all things from my situation. This was not something that Satan had done – it was my own heart that had ‘forgotten’ to acknowledge God, His promises, and His power over all things as I allowed fear to grip me. You see, we may not always have a choice over what happens to us, or what has happened to us in the past, but we have a very real decision to make when it comes to how we react. If our hearts eliminate God from the equation it automatically gives fear permission to take over. If we train ourselves to keep God at the forefront of everything the roles are reversed: fear is eliminated and God has the permission to take over.


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