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What a week!

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This week has been an interesting one! It has been finals week at school (last day of the semester tomorrow!!!).

Chris noticed how stressed I was about finishing up with papers and things, not to mention my whole immigrations process (I’m having to renew my greencard!) so bless his sweet heart he surprised me last weekend with a trip to a beautiful country style lodge in Georgia! It was so lovely to get away and just be together. We even went to dinner at the same restaurant where we celebrated our first anniversary as a married couple. The amount of shoes that I took with me for one night was so impractical, and that made it feel even more like a mini vacation! I finally got to wear my black pencil skirt that I bought online at for just $5, and I paired it with my leopard print platforms from Target with which I am obsessed at the moment.

Shoes for a night!

In other news, one of our best friends in the world Savannah graduated from university with a degree in nursing and we were so honored to be able to attend the ceremony, see her receive a special leadership award and hear her speech! We are so proud of you Sav! I think it is so important to celebrate in others’ successes and to acknowledge the hard work of the people around us.

Kylie, Savannah and I

Kylie and I

Even the boys had fun!

The other highlight of my week was getting to hang out with our sweet goddaughter, Stevie who belongs to Chance and Kylie. She is such a beam of light and happiness, when we hang out nothing else matters except having fun! I am constantly in prayer for her that she will grow up to love everybody around her and that she won’t lose her sweet innocence and zest for life!



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