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Warning! Blistex Revive and Restore

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Blistex Revive and Restore

I would like to warn anyone who is considering buying the new Blistex Revive and Restore lip balms: don’t do it! I was super excited about these cute little tubs of blistex but it has turned out to be such a nightmare! I bought them Friday afternoon, and woke up on Saturday morning to this:

Saturday morning

For those of you who don’t know me/don’t see me on a regular basis, my lips are plump but they’re not that big! They are swollen and I could really give Angelina a run for her money! I told my husband at least I know I’ll never want Botox! It has gotten increasingly worse and this morning my lips are throbbing, peeling, stinging and look like this:

Tuesday morning

I had been slathering them with copious amounts of vaseline, but that clearly isn’t working so my plan of action today is to leave them alone and see if they will heal themselves. The skin is so sore and sensitive that I don’t want to add anything that they could react to further. Any advice for a hurting lady?!


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  1. Nessa suarez

    Oh my gosh mine are the same, i used another blistex product though. I just used the regular chap stick, it took me a little to realize that this is what was burning my lips. I thought it was maybe because my lips were extremely dry but no matter how many times i would put this on it wouldn’t do any good. Until i realized it was the chap stick that was making my lips red and sore they feel like they are burned, all the skin around just like yours! Im never using these chap sticks again. Really painful! I got some relief by putting some jojoba oil on them.


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