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Homemade Lasagne Rolls

Lasagne Rolls

This is a recipe I concocted inspired by something I saw on a commercial featuring Giada de Laurentiis – so scrummy and so easy for a mid-week meal!


Lasagne sheets (the ‘curly’ kind is fun)

Whatever ingredients you use in your normal meat (spaghetti/lasagne) sauce (for me that is ground beef, a tin of italian diced tomatoes, garlic, half an onion, salt/pepper, some parmesan cheese, italian seasoning and a hint of cinnamon)

Some  marinara/plain tomato sauce

Lots of cheese!

Directions: Cook your lasagne sheets to just al dente (we don’t want them to be too cooked as they will not roll). This takes about 10/12 minutes so while they are cooking make your meat sauce (unless you are like me and like to make the sauce beforehand and let it simmer for a couple of hours on low to absorb those amazing flavors!). Spread a little bit of marinara sauce in the bottom of an ovenproof cooking dish (I used the one that I normally use for lasagne) and season to taste. Sauce straight from the jar really does need some sprucing up –  it is usually underseasoned and very acidic. When your pasta is just about al dente, drain it and rinse very gently with a little bit of cold water. Then on a clean cutting board, lay out a lasagne sheet (I actually halved mine) and spoon a little of your meat mixture on one end. Very gently, roll it from one end to the other. This is very much a trial and error thing, my first one was not nearly as pretty as the others but you have to find a way that works for you. Then place the roll in the dish on top of the marinara. Continue this step until there is one layer of nicely packed in lasagne rolls on the bottom of your dish. Then top with some leftover meat sauce (if you have any) and some more marinara sauce. It is important not to ‘drown’ the rolls in sauce, be moderate! Then I sprinkled my favorite mix of grated italian cheeses on top and stuck it all in the oven til it was heated through and the cheese was nicely melted. Serve with a bed of greens and enjoy!




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