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Psalm 119 – Resisting Temptation

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Evil people try to drag me into sin, but I am firmly anchored to your instructions. – Psalm 119:61 (NLT)

When we are firmly planted in the word, temptation is easier to resist. Temptation to sin is everywhere – whether it’s in a conversation, in a magazine, on the internet, in Walmart, at church (yes, you can be tempted in church) or at a party, it’s all around us. We are called to a life free from sin but this is a constant effort and we mess up all the time. The greatest weapon we’ve been given in this battle is the word – we can’t do life without it’s instruction! When the world around us is trying to suck our hearts into things that are not good for us, we have a choice to succumb to that or to fight against it. Once we choose to fight against it we have to use every tool available to us – surrounding yourself with good people (which we’ll talk about in an upcoming post), creating a deeper relationship with God and immersing yourself in the word. I know, I’m starting to sound like a broken record – but there’s a reason that this psalm is so hung up on God’s instruction: there is power in the book of God. There is power to overcome temptation in our everyday lives. We need to learn how to use it yes, but the first step is to pick it up. Pick up the book, start memorizing parts of it and use it next time temptation comes your way.


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  1. It’s hard for me to avoid pushing people away or even judging people wrongly if I get too involved in surrounding myself with good people. I like to think “stay tight with good people, but never avoid bad people.” This lesson becomes incredibly hard when I teach the youth at church that they are to be loving, kind, friendly, and GOOD with people who are really BAD, all the while trying to encourage them that their closest friends should be “good” people… at the same time, we’re ALL bad people. We all sin. Badly. When I become convinced that I’m not sinning, I quickly fall into the sin of pride. So, in one sense, I’m more concerned about being tight with people who are trying hard to follow Jesus, even tho they may not be good people by some folks’ standards.

    Good stuff :) Thanks for writing – I haven’t been able to read them all, but you are doing a good thing


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