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What we ate….

Yesterday I was overcome with what I like to call “Foodie Fever”. I could not stop thinking about what to cook and how to make it interesting. Due to having most of the ingredients in my cupboards already, I went with a bolognese sauce (with a twist of course). To my usual meat sauce (ground beef, onion, tomatoes, garlic,¬†spaghetti sauce etc) I added a little heavy cream and some Italian sausage. It made all the difference, I will definitely do that again! The Italian sausage meant that I had to season it a lot less than normal. To make it even more interesting I used lasagne noodles instead of the usual spaghetti or penne etc. I cooked them as usual and then after I drained the excess water I chopped them up into fairly large, rough chunks. It was good! I also had some leftover “Tuscan herb” bread that I smothered with melted butter, garlic and a mix of Italian cheese and grilled in the oven.

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