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5 things I’m grateful for this week

1. God’s provision in every area of my life, from flights to medical bills to jobs, God knows about them and takes care of them

2. Good music. We live just next to Asheville, NC and constantly have awesome bands come to play. Tonight we’re going to see Need to Breathe at The Orange Peel and in October we’re hitting Moogfest¬†(Jonsi, MGMT, School of Seven Bells, Mutemath and Bonobo are just a few of the acts I’m excited to see!).

3. Great friends and family. Life would be very lonely and boring without the giggles sent to me by people all over the world.

4. Time away. Often ministry (especially when paired with a secular job) can be very physically, spiritually and emotionally draining so I am extremely grateful for time away to relax, spend time with my man and God in a different setting (= refreshing!).

5. My husband. God has blessed me SO much with an amazing man who loves God, loves me and loves food and music (WOOHOO) in that order. He is my best friend and everyday I thank God for him.


Soundtrack to my Week

L.E.S. Artistes by Santogold (my sister introduced me to Santogold, and while more than two songs after eachother gets too much, I love her music in small doses)

Ketto by Bonobo (SUCH a quality track. Just discovered Bonobo today actually, and I like ALOT)

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk by Rufus Wainwright

Million Dollar Bill by Whitney Houston (I have loved Whitney Houston ever since my mom couldn’t stop playing The Bodyguard’s soundtrack in the 90s and even though her XFactor performance of this song was pretty awful, I like this new tune)

David by Nellie McKay

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