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5 things that I’m grateful for this week

– I’m grateful to be able to take the next two days off to refocus, write, read, pray, think, organise my life!

– Flickr. I love getting inspiration from people’s photos and artwork. Especially loving Suesue’s art and Paula Mills’ illustrations

– God’s UNFAILING provision. I don’t know why I’m still surprised every time I see/experience a blatant example of God’s faithfulness and provision in my life, but WOW. Words cannot do it all justice.

– Again a God thing: He answers prayer! The most ridiculously big and stupidly small problems in my life get solved by a God who doesn’t get freaked out by complications and who is so much bigger than anything we are struggling with. Awesome.

– Backstreet Boys and my favourite ‘Chance’ perfume by Chanel when I’m in the mood for reminiscing :)

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