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What a week! Edition 3

My week in photos (plus some that I forgot from previous weeks!):

Mr. and Mrs. Buckner! So beautiful.

Bridesmaids! Shanna (left) and I

We took Gibson and Leila to the lake, this is us around the campfire.

They had a bath….

They loved being on the pontoon


Where we are and what we’re doing!

Since I haven’t even looked at this blog in so long, I figured I would share with you what’s been happening in our lives over the past year or so!

The hubs and I

My sweet husband and I have been through a fair amount this year mostly to do with a huge lack of finances which, while super tough and the most testing time for both of us, has strengthened our faith and our marriage to another level altogether – I thank God for the trials (James 1:2-3)!

I started school at Haywood Community College in the Summer of 2011 and I love it! Who knew that deep down I was such a nerd? (Actually, I think everybody else knew except for me!) I am getting two associates degrees (Business Administration + Accounting) and a diploma in Entrepreneurship. School keeps me fairly busy along with a new job that I absolutely love (not only because I have my own office) and all that we are involved with at our church, Faith Community Church.

Chris was officially ordained into ministry in October 2011 and is now the College, Youth and Media Pastor at FCC. I am so privileged and honored to be on all of his teams at church and to get to serve alongside him. He still owns his awesome graphic design and marketing company, Pruett Design Co., and that is taking off too. It is fair to say that I am a proud wife.

We live in a little log cabin and have two sweet puppies named Gibson and Leila. Gibson loves to eat trash and Leila loves to drink bath water. They are as strange as Chris and I and we like it that way.

Leila when she was just 5 weeks old!


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