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Newspring Leadership Conference 2010 Part 4: Judah Smith

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Speaker 4: Judah Smith

Judah Smith is the Lead Pastor of The City Church in Seattle, Washington. I had never heard of him before but he was one of the most powerful speakers at the conference. Having only recently taken on senior leadership of The City Church, Judah was extremely honest, humble and he ‘hit home’ for many of the leaders there.


“Don’t turn God into a vending machine.”

“It’s impossible to get to the ‘other side’ without God – you need to admit that you’re not there yet!”

“Just stay in the boat. Stay where God has put you and don’t give up.”

“Where He is, that’s where you’re supposed to be.”

Galatians 6v9:  And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.


Newspring Leadership Conference 2010 Part 2: Mark Driscoll

To see the introduction to this ‘series’ click here

Speaker 2: Mark Driscoll

Mark is the founder of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, USA. I have heard Mark on several occasions online and he has visited both my previous ‘home churches’: Church of Christ the King in Brighton, England and Jubilee Community Church in Cape Town, South Africa but I will say that hearing him speak at NLC 2010 was by far the best and most powerful I have heard him.


“If you want God to use you greatly, He must first wound you deeply.”

“We need to learn to suffer well because we have suffered, are suffering and will suffer.”

“You suffer because you do the right thing. It’s not punishment from a God who’s against you, it is correction from a God who loves you.”

“Jesus suffered not so that we wouldn’t suffer but so that when we suffer we can be like Him.”

“Deeper pruning = greater harvest.”

“Your suffering: What is it? Who is it? How will you use it? Suffer well.”

The bulk of what Mark spoke on came from Ephesians 3.

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