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Newspring Leadership Conference 2010 Part 1: Perry Noble

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of attending Newspring Church’s very first Leadership Conference. There was an abundance of inspiring speakers that were anointed, challenging, encouraging and engaging. These speakers shared openly about struggles they have encountered in their respective ministries and spoke truth and wisdom into the lives of other church and ministry leaders that were in attendance. I know personally God used these godly men to speak vision and challenge into my life and ministry (alongside my husband) and we return from this conference looking at certain areas with a different mindset. It is my hope that by sharing some highlights from each speaker (one blogpost at a time) those of you who did not get to go will also be encouraged and challenged by what God gave them to say.

Speaker 1: Perry Noble

Perry is the Senior Pastor of Newspring Church and my husband and I have been able to learn from him on countless occasions through visiting the church and reading his blog etc. Perry is an engaging speaker with a passion to communicate to thousands  what God has laid on his heart.


“God must first do something great in you before He will do something great through you.”

“If you’re not willing to be uncomfortable, you will eventually be unfaithful.”

“If you’re always accessible to people, you can’t be accessible to God.”

“To do great things, you need to submit to God in the small.”

Luke 10v17-20: The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.” He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”


Get Uncomfortable!

Another guest post Adrian Warnock asked me to write for his blog while he was taking a summer break:

This past weekend for me was spent in the hospital (nothing serious!) and the night I got out I found myself praying and kind of apologising to God for not having spent time with Him. My prayers came to a standstill as my mind churned and I thought back to the drama and fears of the last few days…hold on a second! I realised that a) there’s grace and God totally understood that I was really ill and b) whenever I was about to undergo another scary test or have another needle stuck in me, I felt closer to God than I have in a while! In my desperation and fear I cried out to Him and He answered with His everfaithful peace and comfort – despite me not having had a ‘quiet time’ or studied that day. Something happens when we grow desperate and uncomfortable – God wraps Himself around us in a way that we perhaps don’t feel everyday. I think that if we’re in a position where we are extremely comfortable we lose our sense of desperation for God – which can hinder our faith in Him. What I mean is this: if you’ve come to a spiritual halt in your life where you’re not feeling the presence of God as you want to, the reason could be that you need to ‘get out of the boat’! Stick your neck out, take some risks! My husband and I live by the mindset that if we’re not crying out to God, if we’re getting complacent and too comfortable, something needs to change. Because at that stage the doors are wide open for pride to flood in and we think ‘Hey, we can make it on our own’ thus losing our sense of need for God. We as Christians should never want to be in a position where we think we don’t need Him – we rely on Him for our every breath and if we suddenly decide that we don’t, that can be a huge detour in our spiritual lives and the growth of our faith can be stunted. Whether you’re too comfortable in your finances, your job, your relationships or even your church – that needs to change! If it’s finances, give it away – bless someone anonymously, give extra to your church’s gift day, finance an initiative for work with the poor. If it’s your job – work as if you are working for God, ask God for fresh ideas and inspiration. In your relationships – start up a friendship with that new person in your small group, open up a bit more with your friends, share the gospel with your non Christian friends. In your church – serve more, give more, love and support more. Whatever is out of your comfort zone and forces you to cry out to God more, it’s going to grow and expand upon your faith. The whole Bible is covered with testimonies of God surrounding his people in times of trouble when they cry out to Him – let us get uncomfortable and never lose our sense of desperation to see His face!

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