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Ami’s Shotgun StirFry

This is a really foolproof, cheap, not very fancy recipe that Chris and I use a lot. It’s just your typical stir fry but I’ve adapted it to where it costs next to nothing to cook, and takes about 10 minutes from start to finish (without the meat). Plus it’s super yummy and not bad for you. For all my readers who are in college, or newlyweds, this is a quick and dirty go-to stirfry.


Ami’s Shotgun StirFry (serves 2)

2 packets ramen noodles (without the flavoring)

1 packet frozen veggies (I use the fajita mix which costs just a few dollars at the grocery store, but there are some other mixes specifically for stir fry. My mix has onions and peppers in it and I occasionally add some frozen sweetcorn. I have added fresh pineapple a couple times and that has gone down really well too.)

Soy Sauce


Meat of choice (Chris and I often skip on the meat if we don’t have any in the freezer or if we are running low on time but we have used beef strips and chicken in the past)

Directions: In a wok (or large skillet) heat a little bit of olive oil. You don’t need much as when the veggies are cooking, they’ll release the water they were frozen in and therefore not stick. When your oil is hot either add your meat and cook until just done, or if you’re doing the vegetarian version just go ahead and add the veggies (once the meat is just cooked, add the veggies). I spray soy sauce over the stir fry at this point so that they have a little bit of time to soak in the flavor. Very important to note: soy sauce is naturally very salty, so no need to add extra salt. Also, be careful not to add too much soy sauce for the same reason. I also add some honey to thicken it all up and add some sweet to offset the salty. While the veggies/meat are cooking in those flavors, boil some water in a different pan and cook your ramen noodles. Be sure not to cook them for too long otherwise they just get mushy. Drain those and add them to your wok/skillet, squirting more soy sauce over the top. Toss with some tongs and serve! Easy as anything.



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