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Soundtrack to my Week

I’m not around the next few days so thought I’d do my weekly¬†Soundtrack and 5 Things early. I do promise a proper blogpost soon though.

– Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation

Drink My Wine by Platnum

Who’d Have Known by Lily Allen

The Girl by City+Colour

The ‘Cowch’ by Hans Zimmer, Henry Jackman and Lorne Balfe (from the film, The Holiday)


5 things that I’m grateful for this week

– free online Origami lessons – love those little Ninja star things that I can now make!

– The blessing that is skype, enabling me to chat to my boyfriend (in America) alot and even my family (in South Africa) (that was especially nice as I got to wish Baby Loizides a happy 10th birthday!)

– A God that never tires (no matter how run down we are!) and never gets sick of us drawing on His energy and strength to get through our days

– Even in the quiet boring weeks of August, we can get really excited when we look to things above. It’s great.

– Great music – see Soundtrack to my Week

Soundtrack to my Week

– The Little Things by Colbie Caillat

Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love by Coldplay

–¬†Typical by Mutemath

New in Town by Little Boots

Skinny Love by Bon Iver

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